New net-metering regulations issued in Maharashtra

Jan 3, 2020 02:31 PM ET
  • The latest regulation regarding net-metering and net-billing arrangements for rooftop PV installations has been issued by MERC in the Indian state of Maharashtra.
New net-metering regulations issued in Maharashtra

The fresh regulations for rooftop-mount photovoltaic plants have been introduced in Maharashtra (India).  They will become valid as soon as officially posted. The new scheme will cover net-billing and net-metering agreements, as well as renewable electricity generators connected to the power grid. 

Under the new rules, eligible consumers who have an alternative energy generator connected to Discom’s network will be granted permission for net-billing or net metering agreement according to first-come-first-served scheme. Cumulative capacity of the generator linked to the distributing transformer must be equal to or less than 70% of rated capacity of the latter. 

The green power generator installed should have a capacity of at least 1 kilowatt. The max capacity is dependent on the total capacity of the transformer utilized. Discom is obliged to publish fresh data regarding the allowable cumulative capacity of generating systems as well as the transformer capacity available on the official site quarterly. 

As for high-tension power consumers, they are allowed to tie electricity generators to low-tension busbar systems, while net-meter is to be set up on the transformer’s high-tension side. 

At the same time, consumers may increase capacity of their solar generators located at different points in the same building unless the cumulative capacity exceeds the one indicated in the arrangement. 

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