N‑ergie commissions 29-MWp solar duo in Bavaria

Aug 26, 2022 09:01 AM ET
  • German energy company N-ergie AG has actually brought live two solar parks with an integrated capacity of 29 MWp in Bavaria which are anticipated to produce 31.03 million kWh of clean electrical energy each year.
N‑ergie commissions 29-MWp solar duo in Bavaria
Image: N-ergie AG

The Fuchsloch solar farm with a capacity of 19 MWp is located in the Martinsheim municipality, southerly Germany, as well as features regarding 42,000 modules while the 10-MWp Rossgraben plant was constructed about two kilometres away and utilises about 22,000 modules.

The power generated by the two plants will certainly be enough to meet the needs of some 7,700 houses, N-ergie claimed on Wednesday.

For the considerable part of the output, representing 22 MW, the power business will certainly not obtain aids under the EEG scheme and also will use it to communities in the region with power acquisition agreements (PPA).

In 2014, the power firm commissioned another 9.2-MWp solar park in the adjoining Seinsheim municipality and also the bulk of the electrical power from this park is not subsidised.

Nuremberg, Bavaria-based N-ergie has a green power generation portfolio of 153 MW, including solar, wind and also biomass-fired plants. The business operates 39 solar parks in 29 municipalities mostly in the region.

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