Naturgy plugs in 22-MWp solar farm in Spain

Nov 4, 2022 10:41 AM ET
  • Spanish utility Naturgy Energy Group SA (BME: NTGY) introduced that it has actually commissioned a 22-MWp solar farm in the region of Extremadura, western Spain.
Naturgy plugs in 22-MWp solar farm in Spain
Image: Naturgy

The plant, named Miraflores, is a project that required an investment of more than EUR 15 million (USD 14.7 m). It is furnished with over 41,000 solar panels, which are anticipated to generate some 47 GWh per year, Naturgy claimed.

Miraflores is Naturgy's initial financial investment in solar energy in Extremadura. The business operates the region's only wind farm, the 40-MW Merengue.

Naturgy said that it has more solar projects in the operate in Extremadura. Currently, the utility is building 2 solar farms there, among 50 MW and the various other of 30 MWp. Included in this is the 50-MW Merengue II wind farm, currently incomplete.

Among the propositions in the allowing procedure is the 300-MWp Campo de Aranuelo solar PV project, also sited in the region. Naturgy said this would be its largest renewable resource project in Spain, and it had already secured authorization for it.

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