NaturEnergy switches on 5.6-MWp solar park in Brandenburg

May 13, 2022 08:33 PM ET
  • NaturEnergy, an unit of German renewable energy supplier Naturstrom AG, has brought live a 5.6-MWp solar park in Brandenburg which is anticipated to generate concerning 5.2 million kWh of green electricity a year.
NaturEnergy switches on 5.6-MWp solar park in Brandenburg
Image: Naturstrom AG

A particular attribute of the solar park situated in the Breddin municipality is the east-west orientation of the modules which will enable a higher power production in the early morning as well as evening hrs when there is a peak in demand.

The east-west orientation of the modules with a lower feed-in at midday, when solar parks with the classic south orientation generate more power, as well as higher electricity manufacturing in the early morning and night hours will contribute significantly to power grid stability, according to Naturstrom's chief executive Thomas Banning.

An additional benefit of the positioning is that the installment of the modules requires much less area since they can be put better to every other.

The Breddin solar park is anticipated to create electricity equal to the annual consumption of 1,625 three-person homes as well as save 1,600 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The project was granted by Federal Network Agency as part of an advancement tender.

NaturEnergy, founded at the end of 2020, runs 116.7 MW of generation capability, including 49.6 MWp of solar and 67.1 MW of wind.

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