Morocco Eyes 1.6 GW Renewables with $1.95 Billion Investment in Disputed Western Sahara Area

Feb 9, 2023 01:55 PM ET
  • The renewable resource projects are being applied in the contested Western Sahara area.
  • The RE capacity represents concerning 36 percent of the complete capacity which is currently being set up in Morocco.

Morocco is emerging as the top performer when it pertains to the adoption of renewables and reducing making use of fossil fuels to create power. In a new development, Morocco has introduced a new project for renewable resource development in Western Sahara area with a massive investment of 20 billion dirhams ($ 1.95 billion). The statement was made by the nation's Minister of Energy Transition and also Sustainable Development, Dr. Leila Benali.

The Western Sahara area is a huge desert territory under conflict. The Energy Minister of Morocco was pondering at a government session when she held that renewable resource projects are being executed in the region. They have a complete capacity of over 1.6 GW. The capacity represents concerning 36 percent of the complete capacity which is currently being established in Morocco.

Dr. Benali said, "Renewable energy projects are obtaining wonderful rate of interest from Moroccan and also international financiers."

Rabat is broadening its footprint in Western Sahara. The national government in October 2019 launched as many as 68 investment projects of greater than $6 billion and also held that virtually a 3rd of the projects were should be applied in Sahara.

Morocco stopped working to reach its original target of 37% of renewable capacity by 2020. However, ever since, it has shown both better intent and also action, by first targeting a renewable share of 52% by 2030: 20% solar, 20% wind, and also 12% hydro power.

British firm Xlinks is establishing a 10.5 GW solar-plus-wind project, combined with a battery storage space facility in Morocco. UAE based AMEA Power 2 solar projects as part of Noor PV II Program.

India's NTPC too has authorized an MoU with Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN) for common teamwork in the renewable energy industry. It will usher in the joint development of utility-scale RE projects.

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