Mongolia Floats EPC Tender for a 10 MW Solar Power Project in Altai

Nov 5, 2020 12:23 PM ET
  • Mongolia's Ministry of Energy has actually welcomed bids for a 10 MW solar power project in the nation's Altai region. This is a design, procurement, and also building and construction (EPC) tender.
Mongolia Floats EPC Tender for a 10 MW Solar Power Project in Altai

Mongolia's government has actually gotten funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for creating the 'Mongolia Upscaling Renewable Energy Sector Project,' which would be used for this project. The offering is open for prospective buyers from qualified resource countries of ADB.

The last date to send the proposals is December 11, 2020, as well as the quotes will be opened on the very same date.

To participate in the bidding process, the bidder should have established 2 comparable solar energy projects with 10 MW (AC) capability each in the last 5 years. The project should have been mounted in comparable climatic conditions as well as been in operation for at the very least 2 years. The prospective buyer should also have experience pertaining to the thorough engineering style for two solar projects of 10 MW (AC) each in the last five years. Aside from this, the bidder needs to have experience in the procedure and also maintenance (O&M) of 2 solar projects of 10 MW (Air Conditioner) each in the previous 5 years.

Relating to the financial standards, the bidder's average annual turnover ought to not be less than $19.5 million (~ 1.45 billion). The bidder needs to likewise show that it has the essential financial resources to meet the $2.4 million (~ 178.5 million) contract value.

In April this year, ADB approved a $100 million (7.43 billion) lending to expand the supply of renewable energy in Mongolia through a 125 MW advanced battery energy storage system. The project's total expense was $114.95 million (~ 8.5 billion), of which $3 million (~ 223.19 million) is co-financed by a give from ADB's High-Level Technology Fund, financed by the Government of Japan.

Earlier, ADB and also Asia's Private Infrastructure Fund (LEAP) had actually authorized an arrangement to provide an $18.7 million (~ 1.39 billion) financing to establish 15 MW of solar power project in Mongolia. The solar energy project lies in the Khushig valley located in Tuv Aimag (province).

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