MET Group bags 60MW Polish solar

Aug 30, 2022 03:54 PM ET
  • Project located in the west of the country is anticipated to get to ready-to-build status in 2023
MET Group bags 60MW Polish solar
Image: Unsplash/Sungrow

MET Group is growing its European renewables portfolio by acquiring a greenfield solar project in Poland, with an anticipated installed capacity of 60MW.

MET Group has signed a share purchase arrangement with Toren Spółka Akcyjna, a Polish renewables project developer, to acquire all shares in its growth project in western Poland.

The solar project is anticipated to accomplish ready-to-build status in 2023.

Christian Hürlimann, Renewables Chief Executive Officer of MET Group, claimed: "We currently have solar as well as wind park projects in Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain, and currently in Poland.

" As we intend to construct a geographically diversified renewables portfolio, MET additionally targets Romania, Croatia, and Germany where the investment atmosphere for renewable resource is enhancing, and interesting investment possibilities can be established.

" From a service version perspective, our project portfolio is counting on both assistance mechanisms and also market-based incomes (PPAs). Our objective is to acquire ready-to-build possessions along with to establish greenfield and brownfield websites."

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