Members to Increase Cross-border Affiliations as Shares of Renewables Grow: IRENA

May 17, 2021 09:52 AM ET
  • According to IRENA's World Energy Transitions Outlook, to accomplish environment objectives, worldwide electricity generation need to increase three-fold by 2050, making grid versatility incredibly important as countries race to lower discharges. Cross-border affiliation stands for one of the essential remedies to managing the variability of renewable power as well as grid security issues.

This subject was the emphasis of the third meeting of the "Collaborative Framework on Enhancing Dialogue over Shares of Renewable Energy". The meeting, promoted by Uruguay, brought federal governments, local organisations, public organisations, development financial institutions as well as academic community to facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration and expertise sharing.

In his opening up remarks, IRENA Director-General Francesco La Cam mentioned that, "Interconnected power systems as well as cross-border electrical power trade offer terrific possibilities to optimize diverse as well as plentiful renewable energy sources, especially at the local level."

"Our focus is not only on basic interconnection of power systems. It is on affiliations that can make it possible for bigger release of renewables and can resolve the variability of solar as well as wind energy generation and relevant grid stability problems," he added.

Nevertheless, developing cross-border interconnection frameworks is not straightforward and also calls for resolving a collection of complex technical, financial, political as well as institutional concerns.

Throughout his discussion, IRENA's Director of Country Engagement and Partnerships, Gurbuz Gonul stressed the value of a common political vision to efficiently link nationwide energy systems and markets. He also presented effective instances of affiliation, such as the Central American Assimilation System and the Nordic Power Market.

"This is just to reveal that political will to connect markets as well as trade sustainable power is already greatly existing as well as there are a lot of fine examples of cross-border electricity interconnections and also regional power markets across the globe," he concluded.

The meeting also included 2 case study presentations on the West African Power Pool, which links 14 nationwide power systems under one regional market, and the Islamic Development Bank on the CASA-1000 project which connects energy systems in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan and also Tajikistan.

Adhering to the presentations, Participant interventions were made by Austria, Brazil, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Ghana, Italy, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United States of America and also Uruguay.

Supplying his concluding statements, H.E. Alvaro Ceriani, Ambassador of Uruguay to the United Arab Emirates and Permanent Representative to IRENA, revealed the intent to organise 2 added conferences to talk about energy system operation as well as energy system planning, which stand for the two-remaining pilot-phase workstreams determined by the subscription.

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