Maxeon Launches New PV Module, Prolongs its AC Series

Jul 19, 2021 02:24 PM ET
  • Performance 3 AC solar PV module, the new participant into the firm's AC portfolio, complies with the intro of the Maxeon 5 AC panel in late 2020.
  • The new panel will be offered in Australia via authorized installment dealerships under the SunPower brand, starting in the third quarter.

Singapore-based solar company Maxeon has actually introduced the entrance of a new product-- Performance 3 AC solar PV module-- right into its AC portfolio, complying with the intro of the Maxeon 5 AC panel in late 2020.

AC Energy Solutions combine Maxeon's photovoltaic panel technology with advanced microinverter technology, offering an adjustable solar option to optimize any kind of roof's capacity, often in less than optimal weather settings. The AC style is upgraded as per energy requirements' evolution, accommodating EV charging, AC storage, the electrification of home devices and also even more.

The brand-new panel will be offered in Australia with authorized installation dealers under the SunPower brand, starting in the 3rd quarter. The business said the brand-new tool supplies installers more efficient installations, streamlined logistics, and a lot more flexible system styles.

Although a comprehensive description of the brand-new Performance 3 AC panel are not fully readily available, it has actually been reported that it is offered in four variations, with power outputs varying from 370 W to 385 W, effectiveness rankings varying from 18.9% to 19.6%, and an optimum system voltage of 1,000 V. It gauges 1,690 mm × 1,160 mm × 35 mm, including the framework, and weighs 22.2 kg. The brand-new item is based upon monocrystalline PERC cells. It is fitted with an Enphase IQ 7A microinverter as well as features solidified glass with an anti-reflective covering, along with an anodized light weight aluminum frame.

The module can be used in operating temperatures ranging from -40 C as well as 60 C, with an operating temperature coefficient of -0.34% per degree Celsius. It includes a 25-year minimal performance as well as item warranty. The maximum annual degradation is stated to be 0.45% and 25-year end power result is assured to be no less than 87.2% of the nominal result power.

Maxeon Solar Technologies President Jeff Walters claimed, "Maxeon 5 AC panels are presently available in seventeen European nations as well as Australia where we see strong need. The addition of a Performance line AC panel will certainly enable us to deal with various market segments with a value line organization proposal."

Keera Single, CEO of Australian solar energy supplier Solargain, claimed the AC modules have taken pleasure in early success in Australia. "SunPower AC Energy Solutions supply an unique solution to customers who might have not been gotten a conventional string system, so it's a terrific opportunity for us to reach brand-new customers," she included.

The new Performance 3 AC panel will certainly exist to the general public during The Smarter E Industry Days 2021, on July 23, 2021.