Maxeon Acquires Shingled-Cell Patents

Sep 22, 2023 11:33 AM ET
  • Maxeon Solar Technologies announces purchase of SolarCA including their dealer channel operations and patent portfolio. This acquisition enables Maxeon to market their IBC solar panels in the US with a comprehensive nationwide dealer channel. Transaction to close 3rd quarter 2019.
Maxeon Acquires Shingled-Cell Patents

Maxeon Solar Technologies has announced the purchase of certain assets of SolarCA, a subsidiary of Complete Solaria. These include Solaria's dealer channel operations and contracts, as well as their solar panel patent portfolio. This patent portfolio includes over 130 granted patents and over 80 pending patent applications for fundamental shingled solar cell panel technology. The purchase will also allow Maxeon to have an extensive nationwide dealer channel with the ability to market their flagship IBC solar panels in the US. Complete Solaria will continue operating as a residential sales platform, now with supply of Maxeon high-efficiency solar panels, and use the capital to optimize their end-to-end customer offering. The transaction is set to close in the third quarter of 2019.

What Markets is Keppel MET Renewables Targeting?

Keppel MET Renewables, a subsidiary of Maxeon Solar Technologies, is targeting the global residential, commercial, and utility markets with their solar panel products.

Specifically, Keppel MET Renewables is targeting:

  • Residential markets by providing a wide range of residential solar panel options to homeowners
  • Commercial markets by providing innovative solar solutions to businesses of all sizes
  • Utility markets by offering solutions to help utilities meet their renewable energy goals and reduce their carbon footprint
  • International markets by leveraging its extensive network of international partners and distributors
  • Emerging markets by providing access to affordable solar energy solutions in regions with limited access to electricity

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