Massachusetts governor signs climate bill with support for solar, clean energy mandates

Aug 15, 2022 10:12 AM ET
  • Massachusetts' Republican governor Charlie Baker has actually authorized a substantial climate bill that will bolster the growth of renewables project in the state and also put limits of fossil fuel use.
Massachusetts governor signs climate bill with support for solar, clean energy mandates
Image: Aubrey Odom Mabey via Unsplash

Joined Thursday, the bill was first authorized by the state legislature on 31 July before being authorized by the governor. It comes right before the US House of Representatives is expected to pass the US' landmark climate package-- the Inflation Reduction Act-- with major effects for the energy sector in the United States.

The program contains rewards for ground-mounted solar PV installations which are "pollinator-friendly" along with deal refunds that would certainly decrease the cost to adhere to such ecological requisites. It likewise sustains the production of a commission to investigate and also make recommendations that remove barriers for the growth of agrivoltaic projects in Massachusetts.

It likewise allows approximately 10 districts to require new structures to use clean power over fossil fuels, must they desire to pursue that technique.

The bill will see domestic solar owners made up for approximately 25kW of power, up from the current 10kW, while it will certainly additionally scraps the guideline that only enabled a solitary solar installment within one household to receive net metering.

In addition, the bill enhances the discount for purchasing and renting low carbon vehicles, such as EVs, to US$ 3,500 and provides an additional US$ 1,000 motivation for car owners who sell their petrol-run cars. It likewise requires that all new vehicle sales be zero exhaust beginning by 2035.

With the signature of the bill, it will fast-forward the necessary upgrades for the grid in order to maintain the growth of renewable energy in addition to advertise using energy storage space, in various kinds, to avoid curtailments.

Ben Hellerstein, state director for Environment Massachusetts, claimed the bill was a "bid deal" and also added: "It will certainly increase our transition to renewable resources of power like wind and solar. And it will enable approximately 10 cities and also communities to require new structures to consist of clean, all-electric home heating and home appliances, paving the way to safer, healthier residences and also services for everybody."

A fifth of all electrical energy consumption originates from solar energy in Massachusetts, with almost 4GW of set up ability as of Q1 2022, according to information from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

After authorizing the bill, governor Baker tweeted: "Resolving climate modification requires strong, immediate activity. I am proud to have sustained the Commonwealth's leadership on these critical issues to preserve our climate and also our communities for future generations."

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