Major modifications for private PV systems in California

Dec 21, 2022 12:55 PM ET
  • In the US state of California, among the world's largest photovoltaic markets and also without a doubt the biggest market for personal PV systems in the United States, the regulatory authority responsible for public utilities, California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), has actually made serious changes to the tariffs for tiny as well as medium-sized solar.

Under "internet power metering" (NEM), these systems receive a credit rating on their consumption costs from the respective utility for solar energy which is not consumed onsite yet fed into the general public grid. Any excess or deficiencies are countered in an annual statement.

One of the most essential adjustment to the existing "NEM 2.0" scheme is a cut of a good 70 percent in the matching tariffs for the electrical power fed right into the grid. Previously, there has actually been a standard-- the precise amounts depend, among other things, on electrical power trading rates-- of around 30 cents per kilowatt hr, i.e. a very high payment offered the specific solar energy returns in warm California. Under the "NEM 3.0" system, which works on April 15, 2023, it will certainly be just about eight cents. Systems commissioned before the due date can remain in the old NEM 2.0 plan upon application.

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