Luxcara, Meta ink 210MW Danish PV power play

Apr 7, 2022 06:23 PM ET
  • PPA is for a portfolio of three solar projects containing two in Zealand as well as one in Jutland
Luxcara, Meta ink 210MW Danish PV power play
Image: Luxcara

Luxcara has actually become part of a power purchase agreement (PPA) for a Danish solar portfolio with Meta (Facebook) totalling 210MW capacity.

This is the biggest solar energy purchase agreement in Denmark as well as more boosts the recurring tactical cooperation in between the two firms, following their existing contract for the result of the Norwegian wind farms of the Bjerkreim cluster.

With each other Meta's agreements with Luxcara in Europe represent almost EUR1bn of financial investment in brand-new renewable resource capacity.

The PPA comprises three solar projects, 2 approximately Zealand and one in Jutland.

The projects will offer renewable energy to power Meta's operations in Europe, including its information centre in Odense, Denmark.

Since 2020, all of Meta's operations across the globe are sustained by 100% renewable energy.

Luxcara taking care of partner Alexandra von Bernstorff claimed: "We are delighted to reinforce our partnership with Meta with this new, extremely impactful PPA, and to further demonstrate our competence in safeguarding long-term, as-produced PPAs in brand-new markets.

" We look forward to partnering with Meta for a lot more projects in the future and to drive the power change ahead jointly."

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