Los Angeles signs a 25-year-lasting purchase agreement for solar power from Kern County facility

Nov 8, 2019 05:25 PM ET
  • LA is rushing to renewable energy. The city has just approved a contract with a 25 year term to get powered by a solar plant in Kern County. The project is being implemented in the framework of the Global Green New Deal.

Eland Solar & Storage Center project is supposed to provide electricity to one of the northern suburbs of Southland, too. 

The adversaries state it will be at the expense of ecology and job opportunities for natives. They accuse Mayor of both destroying local vacancies and utilizing hazardous Li accumulators.

The politician opposes that the batts used will be 100% recycled. The statement doesn’t satisfy his antagonists who continue rejecting the project. 

Let’s clarify what the solar solution is going to bring average taxpayers and when they are supposed to feel any changes. 

According to LA Water & Power Department, the new plant is expected to start providing power in 2022. Power consumers are going to pay about $5 more annually. This is called the lowest solar rate throughout USA. 

The agency states that though homes and small businesses are going to feel this tariff increase, the solution is aimed at global finance saving. The way it is going to influence large-scale businesses is not explained. Eland facility is scheduled to become operational by late 2023.

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