Lithium battery equipment makers buffeted by Covid

Aug 19, 2020 05:09 PM ET
  • Grid scale lith-ion batteries may be increasing Stateside, yet an expected recovery in the assembly line sector will be put on hold up until following year because of the pandemic, according to one expert.
Lithium battery equipment makers buffeted by Covid
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No faster have we reported on the evident resilience of energy storage to Covid-19 headwinds than we learn of a dismal temporary overview for lithium-ion battery assembly line manufacturers-- such is the nature of this phenomenal, coronavirus-hit period.

A couple of short hrs ago we kept in mind a study by London-based analyst IHS Markit which remarked how the substantial volumes of grid scale battery storage space being rolled out throughout the U.S. now will certainly assist the market struck 15.1 GW/47.8 GWh of ability by the center of the decade, with investment to rise from this year's predicted $4.2 billion to $9.5 billion in five years' time.

News has actually additionally emerged, nevertheless, from a competing U.K. forecaster-- Northamptonshire-based Interact Analysis-- regarding the presently parlous state of business for lithium-ion battery manufacturing devices vendors.

While not necessarily contradicting the findings of IHS Markit-- as the rival expert only peers in advance as far as 2023-- Interact has stated pre-Covid expectations the lithium battery devices market would certainly rebound this year, after an unsatisfactory 2019, have been postponed in the middle of the continuous public health dilemma.

Engage's Maya Xiao has blogged the recovery anticipated this year is now expected to be delayed till 2021, mostly thanks to the chilling impact of Covid-19 on business investment as well as restrictions on worker activity.

Although Xiao anticipates the recuperation to merely be delayed, the expert's updated forecast predicts the market staying slightly below pre-Covid assumptions in 3 years' time. The funk battery equipment distributors are enduring at present was highlighted by a prediction the Chinese market will be 15.5% smaller sized than an already frustrating 2019 this year, before recovering for a 13.4% year-on-year gain in 2021.

Although projections usually come with heavy caveats today, Xiao expects China to remain the world leader for lith-ion battery production lines in 2023, albeit with a worldwide market share below 62% last year to 59% as Europe, the Middle East and Africa increase their piece of the pie from 9% to 23% over the same period. The Americas will likewise lose ground over the four-year duration to 2023, according to Xiao, seeing last year's 19% market share resort to a color under 10%.

Nonetheless, who recognizes what figures tomorrow's projections will bring?

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