Like Solar Trees, The Solar 'Smartflower' Additionally faces Cost Challenges

May 12, 2022 02:16 PM ET
  • Solar's initiative to be visually pleasing has been a tough journey thus far, with costs a crucial concern.
  • Costs are one reason solar tiles for instance stay an industrialized country advantage even now.
Like Solar Trees, The Solar 'Smartflower' Additionally faces Cost Challenges

Austria-based Smart Flower Energy Technology aims to "make a solar statement with the sculptural, smart Smartflower," the latter being a flower-shaped solar item made from panels which run with dual axis tracking, i.e. they comply with the sun to always face it at an ideal 90 degrees. With a peak ability of 2.5 kilowatts, the product is pitched at both property owners and also services.

The company looks for to provide "an elegant alternative" to those that count on sustainability for a far better energy and also environmental future.

Established in Austria, Smartflower was gotten in 2018 by Energy Management Inc. (EMI), a Boston, MA company with over 43 years of experience establishing large energy projects. "Sunflowers open, close as well as comply with the sun for ideal energy conversion, we figured photovoltaic panels must as well," say the developers, asserting their project provides instant, inspired and also smart energy.

Utilizing clever design to offer quick installment, greater performance as well as aesthetic appeals as contrasted to the regular rooftop or other solar plant, the Smartflower does have one noticeable drawback. Price.

Prior to obtaining all incentives as well as tax obligation credit scores, the SmartFlower photovoltaic panel system ranges in price from $25,000 to $30,000, with the ordinary cost to mount at $27,000. Residential individuals can obtain the same output from rooftop panels for a lot less cash. The company therefore markets primarily to corporate clients, where captivating solar arrays market sustainability commitments.

The problem appears comparable to the PV Port systems that were installed just recently at Akshardham temple that we covered, which supposedly set you back Rs 2.5 lacs each. The ones at Akshardham were thanks to German advancement partner GIZ actioning in.

In a similar vein, we had actually highlighted how the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research's Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CMERI), India, has actually been developing the world's "biggest" solar trees given that 2016, investing lakhs of rupees at the same time. Meant to bring visibility to solar technology, solar trees are a bit like art installments that improve the surrounding landscape in addition to boost recognition about solar power.

Furthermore, in land-scarce areas, solar trees complement roof planetary systems and also other green structure actions by occupying little setup room. The working of a solar tree is much like that of a genuine one-- leaf-like photovoltaic panels connected through steel branches making use of sunlight to make energy. The solar tree appears to be a feel-good method to showcase solar energy technical developments, yet one without accountability for its genuine utility.

The Smartflower, strictly talking, seems destined to stay a rather showcase and not much a lot more in regards to severe intent.

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