LG releases initially "gapless" solar module using tiling modern technology

Oct 13, 2021 04:47 PM ET
  • LG has actually released a brand-new all-black photovoltaic panel to the U.S. market, the LG NeON H+ Black photovoltaic panel. The solar module is the very first for the company to use its gap-free innovation. A brand-new circuitry style overlays half-cut solar cells to decrease thermal anxiety.
LG releases initially "gapless" solar module using tiling modern technology
Image: LG Electronics USA

" With our new NeON H+ Black solar panel, house owners currently have an option that provides the LG standard of high performance and effective power outcome in a wonderfully developed and also developed module with an uniform look," said Brian Lynch, supervisor of solar company advancement at LG Electronics U.S.A.. "Backed by LG's 25-year restricted product and also efficiency warranty, this module gives confidence regarding exceptional efficiency and sturdiness, while lowering a home's energy impact."

LG NeON H+ Black photovoltaic panel is made to produce an output of 405 W. With a temperature coefficient of -0.33% per degree Celsius, the n-type half-cut cells are much less negatively influenced by hot temperatures traditional modules. NeON H+ Black is developed with cells that overlap by 0.5 mm, removing the space completely which enables much more cells to fit in the very same quantity of room. This technology can also aid protect the electrical wiring connecting the cells from impact.

LG NeON H+ Black panels featured a 25-year limited service warranty for a performance degree of 90.6% of first performance align to 25 years of constant usage.