LF Energy and also the quest of a modularized grid

Jul 14, 2020 12:06 PM ET
  • LF Energy has actually launched its Digital Substation Automation Systems campaign, in hopes of developing an extra modular, versatile and also durable grid. It aims to make interoperable substations that are both software and hardware agnostic.
LF Energy and also the quest of a modularized grid
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In quest of creating a completely new, modular, flexible and also durable power grid, LF Energy has actually released its Digital Substation Automation Systems (DSAS) campaign. The system aims to make interoperable substations that are both software and hardware agnostic, through the use of standard, open-source software.

" What an electronic substation does is it de-aggregates software and hardware, so you can make use of asset hardware in order to run software program, which reduces price." LF Energy Executive Director Shuli Goodman informed pv magazine. "Eventually, I assume we'll have the ability to abstract the equipment by producing software-defined hardware," indicating that the hardware utilized in a substation will not matter, because all hardware work with the very same, open-source, software program, essentially developing plug-and-play substations.

The idea is to take generation properties like a PV system and also think of their generation much less from a control point of view as well as even more from an orchestration point of view. It is this, in addition to a lowered reliance on particular hardware and software for orchestration, that Goodman views as being crucial to a modular power grid.

These substations form crossroads of the grids, linking grid individuals and grid voltage degrees. By deploying open-source modern technology, electronic substations can extra efficiently get used to modifications in power supply and demand via expanded vibrant protection settings, much better data management capabilities and flexible automation functions.

" I consider a digital substation as the edge node router of the future," Goodman said. "You can not network electrons, however what you can do is you can network metadata regarding electrons as well as concerning supply as well as need, yet you have to have something that [the data] go through, with which you have the capability to push as much intelligence bent on the side. You can after that give price signals out to enable a gadget on the brink (pv system, inverter, battery, etc.) to run."


The very first particular task under the DSAS effort is Configuration Modules for Power industry Automation Systems, additionally known as CoMPAS. CoMPAS specifically looks for to develop standardized and broadly appropriate software program components that enhance protection, automation and control systems, as releasing modern-day protection, automation and control modern technologies is a pivotal primary step to upgrade substations

CoMPAS's software program parts will certainly be established according to IEC 61850, an open-source, international, standard that provides the structure to integrate a substation's defense, automation and also control features, despite the supplier or end-user.

" CoMPAS is an arrangement device that permits a network driver to utilize an open-standard 61850 to configure an electronic substation so that it can be inter-operable," said Goodman. "As soo as you do that, we start to start changing the economics of what's occurring. We wish to be able to do that, because the more solar that we prompt, we might wind up coming up with a design model in which there are a lot more substations that are now starting to work as side node routers for having the ability to collaborate millions of devices."

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