Large solar+ storage space project connected to hydrogen manufacturing in Spain

Mar 17, 2020 01:50 PM ET
  • Spanish utility Iberdrola intends to connect a 100 MW/20 MWh solar-plus-storage plant to hydrogen manufacturing in Puertollano, in southerly Spain. The project will certainly call for a financial investment of approximately EUR150 million euros and also will certainly be just one of the biggest installments of its kind in Europe.
Large solar+ storage space project connected to hydrogen manufacturing in Spain
Image: Iberdrola

Spanish power team Iberdrola intends to establish a large environment-friendly hydrogen manufacturing project based upon renewable resource resources in Puertollano, a commercial city in the Spanish district of Ciudad Real, Castilla-La Mancha. Approximately EUR150 million euros will certainly be bought the setup, which will certainly be among the biggest environment-friendly hydrogen manufacturing websites in Europe, the monetary day-to-day Expansión claimed, mentioning a file that was just recently released by the town.

The Puertollano plant will certainly include a 100 MW speculative PV plant with bifacial panels and also string inverters, in addition to a 20 MWh lithium-ion battery storage space system. The center will certainly be combined to an environment-friendly hydrogen manufacturing system based upon electrolysis, which will certainly be separated right into stackable components, in order to enable the plant to be increased, based upon hydrogen need.

Iberdrola will certainly evaluate various innovations: alkaline, proton exchange membrane layer, and also strong oxide. The project will certainly likewise include a primary hydrogen storage space system in pressurized containers and also a speculative storage space plant for various other innovations such as natural fluid service provider hydrogen (LOHC), in addition to a control system to accomplish an ideal equilibrium in between eco-friendly manufacturing, battery usage, and also the power committed to eco-friendly hydrogen manufacturing.

Perfect place

" The selection of Puertollano as a territory to release the project is not unintended," the district claimed. "It is a calculated location where Iberdrola will certainly not just have the ability to generate hydrogen, however will certainly likewise have the ability to advertise it for commercial usage to nearby business for their manufacturing procedures."

Iberdrola kept in mind that the project will certainly be improved land that it has actually had for several years. It has actually currently begun to construct PV plants on the website. The National Hydrogen Center is likewise located in Puertollano.

Additionally, the firm will certainly advertise the production of a 'eco-friendly' tag for the hydrogen that is generated at the website. That will certainly make certain that its carbon impact is no, which will certainly aid hydrogen customers to minimize their CO2 exhausts.

Introducing projects

A variety of projects have actually been revealed in current weeks, consisting of an environment-friendly hydrogen manufacturing plant in Lloseta. The setup will certainly begin running in 2021, with approximately 10 MW of ability.

The Fundación Hidrogen Aragón is additionally working with the HIGGS project, which is developed to advertise decarbonization in Europe. It is currently being released in Huesca. For 36 months, the structure will certainly consider the opportunity of infusing hydrogen right into existing gas networks in order to decrease discharges of CO2 in industries that are challenging to amaze.

Enagás as well as Ampere will certainly be the very first business to create hydrogen with solar power in Spain. Both of them have actually authorized an arrangement to collectively create a number of R&D projects for hydrogen manufacturing with solar and also batteries.

Tecnalia, Engie as well as the University of Eindhoven have actually likewise produced Bizkaia H2SITE, a start-up that will certainly generate environment-friendly hydrogen.

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