Labour challenges plan to limit solar development

Oct 14, 2022 12:49 PM ET
  • Shadow net zero secretary will certainly see a PV farm to highlight the opposition party's promise to triple UK PV growth
Labour challenges plan to limit solar development
Image: Labour Party

The Labour Party has actually challenged Prime Minister Liz Truss to reverse plans to block the growth of brand-new solar projects.

Ed Miliband MP, Shadow Climate Change and Net Zero Secretary, will visit a solar farm to lay out his opposition to Liz Truss' strategies to block brand-new solar projects and also has actually highlighted Labour's promise to triple the size of the UK solar market in its first term as part of making Britain a "clean energy superpower" by 2030.

Labour stated blocking solar "would burglarize the UK" of possibility for cheap power that can reduce bills for houses, which was a quarter of the price of gas before the Ukraine dilemma.

" Destroying the solar market would certainly make the UK energy a lot more troubled, increasing our dependence on imported gas from Russia as well as other fossil fuel exporting nations.

" Each 5GW of added solar would cut UK gas imports by 2%.

" Solar energy could provide 17% of the UK's annual power requirements by 2035, supporting 60,000 jobs," Labour mentioned.

Labour's plans to increase solar energy as well as block fracking belong to Keir Starmer's commitment to make the UK a "world-leading clean energy superpower by 2030".

The strategy also includes Labour's commitment to create GB Energy, a publicly had, clean energy company, to make Britain an "energy independent superpower".

Miliband said: "" As Well As if Liz Truss blocks solar wind she will certainly be stating unilateral energy disarmament, undermining our energy protection and requiring the British people to accept decades of higher energy bills.

" Only Labour can supply reduced energy bills and also energy protection for the UK, with our prepare for clean power by 2030 - including trebling solar power - as well as GB Energy, a publicly had, clean energy firm, to make Britain an energy independent superpower."

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