Kazakhstan seen to reach just 10% sustainable generation by 2030

Apr 10, 2023 03:10 PM ET
  • Kazakhstan is readied to reach 10.3% of power generation from renewables in 2030, thus a little topping its original end-of-decade target but missing the revised one of 15%, GlobalData said on Monday.
Kazakhstan seen to reach just 10% sustainable generation by 2030
Image: “Samruk-Energy” JSC

The country attained its short-term target of producing 3% of its power from renewable resource sources in 2020 as well as the following year enhanced its 2030 objective to 15% from 10%. In 2022, thermal power made up 80.1% of installed capacity and 86.6% of the annual generation, with a significant share of inexpensive as well as bountiful coal.

According to the expert firm, the lack of flexible generation is the primary obstacle to Kazakhstan attaining its eco-friendly generation target.

"Kazakhstan lacks flexible generating capacity as well as relies upon identical procedure with the Russian power system. The present geopolitical crisis creates a major danger for the nation to cover inequalities and also keep frequency security," claimed Ojindaram Saibasan, power analyst at GlobalData.

According to the expert Kazakhstan ought to look to update its grid and manipulate its untapped wind and also solar possibility in the country. "Auctions are key to eco-friendly power growth; the nation ought to aim to make the system much more attractive to bring in foreign financial investments and also bring in innovative innovation to accomplish ideal performance from eco-friendly power plants," added Saibasan.

Kazakhstan is expected to add 3.1 GW of photovoltaic or pv (PV) capacity as well as 2.9 GW of onshore wind in the 2023-2035 period.

The nation expects to get to 50% renewable power generation by 2050.


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