Jolywood introduces black bifacial module

Jun 9, 2020 12:11 PM ET
  • The brand-new JW-HT132N collection features six n-type panels and also supplies 345 W to 370 W of frontside power outcome, with effectiveness ranging from 18.68% to 20.04%. The panels are made with a clear backsheet, with black mesh and a black frame.
Jolywood introduces black bifacial module
Image: Jolywood

Chinese bifacial solar panel maker Jolywood has actually launched a brand-new black component collection for rooftop applications.

The JW-HT132N series includes six n-type panels with frontside power result ranging from 345 W to 370 W as well as efficiencies between 18.68% and 20.04%.

The half-cell component can be used in PV systems with an optimum voltage of 1,500 V and has a bifacility of 70%, according to the producer. This suggests that the performance on the backside gets to 70% of the performance on the frontside.

Each panel includes 132 half-cells each measuring 158.75 mm by 79.37 mm, with general measurements of 1,854 mm by 996 by 35 mm and a weight of 22 kg. Its port is MC4-compatible and also its junction box has an IP 67 ranking.

" The n-type bifacial cell is symmetrically designed as well as has much less interior tension, which cause lower risk of cracks," the maker declared, adding that a 30-year performance assurance is included. "Our full black modules are developed using the mix of innovative cell and component technologies, such as excellent component packaging and also the industry-leading NTOPCon cell innovations."

The module series is produced with a transparent backsheet with black mesh and a black frame, which makes it suitable for tasks with visual demands, Jolywood stated.

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