John Cockerill to Supply Thermal Receivers to Redstone CSP Plant in SA

Jul 28, 2021 10:28 AM ET
  • John Cockerill, a Belgium-based design company, has exposed that it will provide molten salt solar thermal receivers to Redstone's 100 MW Concentrated Solar Energy Plant (CSP) in the North Cape Province of South Africa.

Created by Saudi Arabia-based ACWA Power and built by EPC SepcoIII, the Redstone CSP plant is expected to provide 2,00,000 households with tidy power and conserve nearly 440,000 lots of CO2 discharges each year upon completion.

The receivers will be positioned on top of Redstone's solar tower, allowing the project to successfully keep energy and produce power night and day.

With an overall investment of around $162 million, the project has actually protected financing from leading global and South African financial institutions consisting of African Advancement Bank (AfDB), ABSA Bank, Growth Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), CDC Group, Nedbank Limited, etc

The Redstone CSP plant, which forms part of the South African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (REIPP) Procurement Program, is the first project financed CSP with molten salt main receiver project worldwide and one of the largest investments in South Africa under the REIPP.

John Cockerill claims that the state-of-the-art technologies made use of in the project will certainly produce electricity with the day as a result of making use of molten salts as heat-transfer liquid. These salts will feed the receiver at the top of the tower and will be heated to 565 ° C. When revived down, they will certainly save warm for as much as 12 hrs, making it possible for electricity to be produced night and day.

Energy storage is a specific challenge when storage requires last for more than a few hours; however, with making use of molten salt solar thermal receivers, power will certainly be readily available twenty-four hrs a day, stated the firm.

CSP refers to a kind of solar innovation that makes use of giant mirrors to route sunshine on to a receiver, which converts it into warmth. There are several types of such mirrors, they can parabolic troughs or rounded dishes, or power towers.

Focused solar power can be a great deal a lot more reliable than solar photovoltaic or pv innovation. This is due to the fact that PV makes use of photovoltaic panels that can only work when there is sunlight, implying electricity can just be created as long as sunshine falls on the panels.

CSP on the other hand, stores the sunlight as warmth, which can be used at a later time, and even when there is no sunshine. Effectively, CSP works like any other thermal power plant.

Rajit Nanda, ACWA Power's Director of Portfolio Management and Acting Chief Investment Officer, claimed, "ACWA Power is proud to lead the growth of the biggest renewable energy investment in South Africa to date, the Redstone CSP project, and by while playing a leading role in supporting South Africa's decarbonization efforts."

Beyond solar power, the John Cockerill Group is working with several projects that integrate eco-friendly solutions, specifically, green hydrogen.

The Redstone solar power plant geared up with a John Cockerill solar receiver will be the 5th John Cockerill solar tower worldwide and the 2nd project to be embarked on by the company in South Africa.

The business's solar energy plants presently in service consist of the 50 MW Khi Solar One plant in South Africa and the 50 MW Haixi plant in China, which recently achieved a manufacturing document.

In Chile, a 3rd solar tower functions, the Cerro Dominador power plant (110 MW), which was connected to the grid lately. A 4th nuclear power plant, which is additionally being established by ACWA Power, is presently under construction in Dubai and is expected to be attached to the electricity grid by the end of the year.

CSP modern technology is progressively acquiring popularity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), where it is of rate of interest for its local web content capacity and because, unlike PV, it can easily save thermal energy, within enormous storage tanks of molten salt, for usage after sundown.

MENA is where most recent expense reductions have come from. In July 2017, for example, a Dubai Electricity and Water Authority tender attracted a record-low CSP proposal of $94.50 per megawatt-hour. In 2019, ACWA Power was reported to be targeting an expense of near $50 per megawatt-hour at another Dubai project, the 950-megawatt Noor Energy 1 hybrid CSP and PV plant.

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