JIOS Aerogel Expands Innovation Program Battery Testing Laboratory in Singapore

Jul 20, 2022 11:58 AM ET
  • JIOS states that it is frequently evaluating new remedies on a weekly basis with several kinds of Li-ion battery cells.
  • VDE laboratory will additionally enable comparison for their ultra-thin remedies that can vary in density from 1.0-- 4.0 mm. The business states that this will make it possible for JIOS Aerogel to quell battery makers, who are always on the lookout for thinnest possible, higher-performance services.

World's leading silica aerogel powder producer, JIOS Aerogel has introduced the development of its innovation program in collaboration with VDE Renewables and also its Battery Testing Laboratory in Singapore. JIOS said that it strongly believes in the value of leveraging third-party laboratories such as that of the VDE to provide confidence to its consumers and also enhance its extensive inner abilities.

JIOS Aerogel is a leader in essential components for Li-ion battery systems that have actually become the key energy storage tool on the planet today.

JIOS says that it is regularly examining new services on an once a week basis with multiple sorts of Li-ion battery cells for the customers' requirements varying from electrical vehicles to energy storage systems. The business claims that this is where the brand new testing laboratory in Singapore will enter into play.

Taking advantage of Singapore's Innovation Potential

JIOS is of the view that Singapore has risen as a global leader in innovation as well as an emerging hub for cutting-edge innovation in battery testing laboratory circumstance and also for this reason has actually become a natural choice for JIOS. According to the 2021 KPMG report, Singapore has clinched the leading placement as a technology innovation hub.

The main declaration of JIOS Aerogel mentions that it can utilize the robust electronic framework and also the thriving innovation ecosystem of the city-state for testing as well as creating cutting-edge remedies for the Electric Vehicles and also Energy Storage Systems sectors.

Dr. Stephen Hodson, Marketing and Program Supervisor, JIOS, held, "We are excited about continuous developments at our innovative testing laboratory in Singapore. The VDE testing laboratory enables us to do several things- from testing our thermal barrier materials that are positioned between battery cells to testing multiple setups of cells. For instance, in some cases we evaluate 2 cells, and also other times an entire set of 8 cells together. This will better our stride for innovation."

The leading producer has shared that the VDE laboratory will certainly facilitate the process of testing battery temperatures and also battery voltage under differing conditions. The well-equipped laboratory will also permit comparison for their ultra-thin options that can vary in density from 1.0-- 4.0 mm. The business claims that this will make it possible for JIOS Aerogel to calm battery makers, who are constantly in search of thinnest possible, higher-performance services.

JIOS has just recently had a Joint Venture with Armacell towards the manufacturing of Armagel aerogel blankets for insulation in the industrial and also oil and gas fields.

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