JinkoSolar Tiger Neo Modules Get An N-type Ultra-Efficiency Upgrade

Nov 5, 2021 03:02 PM ET
  • International Solar Module significant JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. has actually launched a new series of ultra-efficient 2021 Flagship Tiger Neo Modules.

Taking the press to mainstream large modules in the solar field better, the new Tiger Neo adopts N-type TOPCon innovation with further improvements in efficiency, power, energy thickness, as well as reliability to supply a maximum power outcome of up to 620W. Conversion effectiveness has actually been declared at upto 22.30%.

Better Power Generation Performance

JinkoSolar's N-type TOPCon technology is about 5% to 6% a lot more reliable than mono PERC offering 3% to 4% even more power generation, according to the firm. The Tiger Neo is standardized from 182mm wafers, and features Multi-Busbar (MBB) and also half-cut cell modern technology to lower internal resistance loss, and also the round solder strip style increases optical gain to make certain the ultra-high effectiveness of approximately 22.30%.

Greater Bifacial Factor

Tiger Neo's bifacial factor of as much as 85% is a terrific benefit as a result of its 5% to 15% higher energy yield compared to standard P-type bifacial modules in its life-time period. A higher bifacial factor also enhances its power generation capacity and also power generation efficiency.

Lower Deterioration and also Longer Warranty

Thanks to less LID as well as LeTID threats, JinkoSolar is supplying an industry-leading 30-year straight power outcome assurance. The first-year deterioration has actually been asserted to be less than 1% and power result is guaranteed to be no less than 87.40% of the nominal power output after thirty years.

Reduced Temperature Coefficient

The Tiger Neo module has a lower temperature level coefficient of -0.30%/ ℃ compared with -0.35%/ ℃ for the P-type, that makes it a lot more long lasting to hold up against extreme and also high-temperature environments. Its low-light performance and also small irradiance angle extends generation duration of the panel throughout the day. It is these advantages of low-temperature coefficient, low destruction, and high bifacial factor, that allow annual power return 3% higher than that of mainstream P-type bifacial modules, states the company.

Jinko asserts that thanks to N-type's higher return rates and its control over manufacturing costs with better process modern technology, JinkoSolar continues to be ahead of its rivals.

Mr. Kangping Chen, President of JinkoSolar Co., Ltd., commented, "The international PV market is entering a brand-new era of power generation at an extraordinary rate. The need to attend to various energy application circumstances and also the seriousness of the government and various sectors for energy transformation have pressed the solar power demand to a new level. The new Tiger Neo flagship collection was created to fulfill the demands of large-scale energy, commercial as well as industrial dispersed generation, and residential applications. Via the benefits of the N-type TOPCon innovation, clients can buy a lot more reliable, more trustworthy, and a lot more successful PV systems. Our team believe that the Tiger Neo modules will remain to establish brand-new sector requirements, and further advertise the growth of the global solar industry to ensure that even more people can take pleasure in a brighter future driven by tidy energy services."

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