Jedlix Cheaper Tesla Charging

Mar 3, 2021 07:41 AM ET
  • With the increase In global warming, electric vehicles are considered a welcome change. The number of electric cars is increasing due to their large number of benefits. Such as reduced harmful pollutants from exhaust gasses; it is cheaper to run, the cost of operating an electric vehicle is less than 40 percent compared to internal combustion engines, it is more inexpensive to maintain. It is better for both our health and our environment.
Jedlix Cheaper Tesla Charging

These electric vehicles use electricity as fuel and are charged at a charging station. This is economically beneficial because it shifts consumption from expensive imported oil ( in some countries) to cheaper locally manufactured electricity. But with the drastic increase in the number of electric vehicles and charging stations. It results in an enormous load on the electricity grid. To fulfill this load, the electricity sources, such as generators, have to work overtime. With the number of electric vehicles increasing significantly, this would mean that the burden on electricity grids would only increase. Jedlix has come up with an appropriate solution to this problem by introducing Jedlix charging or smart charging.

What is Smart Charging/ Jedlix charging?

Jedlix is a Dutch renewable energy company Eneco’s subsidiary. This smartphone application informs its user when energy is the cheapest or greenest. It performs this by monitoring the surrounding area for renewable energy generators and determine if this renewable energy is at its peak and the electricity consumption is at its lowest. It partners with leading energy companies to assess electricity stats and ensure optimum savings. The Jedlix application offers to tackle the issue of increased load on electricity grids.

Introducing sustainable Ev charging, i.e., your EV would charge at times when the electricity is the greenest and cheapest in the market or at times when there is no load on your electricity grid. Sustainable charging has both economic and environmental benefits. Environmentally this drastically decreases the CO2 emissions during charging of your car. Economically, when you are charging at the cheapest rates in the market, you are bound to save some money. Not only that, Jedlix offers you a chance to earn additional money for every kWh you charge smartly.

The magnitude of the operation:

Jedlix is already operating in Belgium and Netherlands and is planning to expand its operations to France.  In the Netherlands alone, over 6000 Tesla owners use Jedlix to charge their electric vehicles. Initially, it Incorporated Tesla only, but now it has expanded to other electric cars such as Renault. 

According to Jedlix

"With a combined peak capacity of around 60 MW, these cars have the potential to accelerate the integration of solar and wind power. Consequently, they also contribute to emission-free mobility. In the future, our service can also be used to prevent congestion on the low-voltage grid, should this become relevant."

How to use Jeldix?

Using Jedlix is at the palm of your hands, download the Jeddlix application ( available for both IOS and Android), Register yourself, select your EV type, Type in your home address, and choose your departure times. It automatically calculates what time would be charging you EV be convenient and Cheapest.


There are many advantages of using sustainable, smart charging. The environmental and financial benefits are 

Environmental Benefits:

  • Zero carbon emissions while charging.
  • Potential to integrate solar and wind power.
  • Ability to prevent congestion on the low voltage grid
  • Reducing the investments in grid infrastructure to meet the demand of the increasing load
  • Pak shaving ( facilitating grid balancing and reducing the need to install more charging capacity
  • They are speeding up the transition from fossil fuel to green energy.
  • Remote monitoring of your Electric vehicle such as battery charged, rate of electricity, etc
  • Real-time insights on power usage 
  • The Jeldix application also helps you find charging stations when on the move.

Financial Benefits:

  • Decreases the charging cost of vehicles up to 20 percent 
  • Lowers the electricity bill of consumers with electric vehicles between up to 15%
  • Monetary incentives from Jeldlix including the transfer of between 5 to 30  depending on the volume of energy saved over a month.


There are too many advantages and no drawbacks for an electric vehicle user not to use. You can contribute to the well-being of the planet and save some good cash while at it.

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