JA Solar takes solar cell ability plans at Yangzhou plant to 10GW

Jan 26, 2021 02:50 PM ET
  • 'Solar Module Super League' (SMSL) participant JA Solar has actually updated its ability expansion plans for its solar cell and module assembly plant in the Yangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone (ETDZ).
JA Solar takes solar cell ability plans at Yangzhou plant to 10GW
Image: JA Solar

The supplier has accepted plans to buy taking solar cell ability to 10GW, up from previous plans to develop a 6GW solar cell facility together with a 6GW module setting up plant.

JA Solar said that the strategies included a two-phase method. The first stage would be a 6GW solar cell and a 6GW module assembly plant, with a complete scheduled investment of around RMB6 billion (US$ 926 million).

The 2nd phase would certainly consist of a 4GW solar cell growth with an investment of around RMB4 billion (US$ 617 million).

The very first stage of the project would be finished within 3 years from the get go of 2021, which included the module assembly plant being functional at the end of 2021.

The 4GW 2nd stage would certainly be subject market demand and discussed individually with the ETDZ, according to the firm.

Integrated with a collection of previous expansion strategy announcements, JA Solar can accomplish an overall of around 35GW of module setting up capacity in 2021.

Nevertheless, this undergoes change as projects formerly announced start building through to manufacturing ramps of monocrystalline wafers, cell as well as modules at several websites, mostly in China.

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