JA Solar including 8.6 GW of brand-new as well as updated high-efficiency solar cell ability

Feb 19, 2020 11:20 AM ET
  • ' Solar Module Super League' (SMSL) participant, JA Solar is preparing to broaden high-efficiency solar battery ability to 10GW at a just recently revealed 5GW brand-new solar battery factory in China, while likewise purchasing significant upgrades at a present cell plant to give a more 3.6 GW of high-efficiency cell ability.
JA Solar including 8.6 GW of brand-new as well as updated high-efficiency solar cell ability
Image: JA Solar

At the beginning of 2020, JA Solar revealed prepare for a brand-new production center at Yiwu Information Optoelectronic High-tech Industrial Park that consisted of a 5GW cell manufacturing center and also a 10GW module manufacturing plant will certainly be created, setting you back 2.775 billion Yuan (US$ 399 million) and also 3.825 billion Yuan (US$ 549 million) specifically.

Nonetheless, JA Solar claimed that it had actually modified the complete solar battery capability to 10GW, matching the PV module ability strategies at the area.

The SMSL kept in mind that the overall modified Yiwi project near Yiwi City, Zhejiang district, China is anticipated to be constructed over a four-year duration, consisting of 2 stages of 5GW of both cell as well as module yearly nameplate ability.

The very first stage of both solar battery as well as PV module manufacturing is anticipated to begin in December 2021. The 2nd stage growth is anticipated to begin manufacturing in 2023.

The overall capital investment for the changed project stands at RMB 10.2 billion (US$ 1.45 billion), contrasted to previous prices of around RMB 6.6 billion (US$ 942.5 million).

Trina Solar introduced undefined prepare for a cell and also module manufacturing in the very same industrial park in April, 2019.

Cell ability upgrades

Individually, JA Solar additionally introduced that it would certainly invest RMB 1.3 billion (US$ 161.3 million) on updating 3.6 GW of solar battery ability at its existing cell center in Jinglong Third Industrial Park, Ningjin County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province.

The upgrade to high-efficiency cells connects to JA Solar's Ningjin Sansi Third as well as Fourth Workshop is anticipated to be take about 8 months to finish.

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