IRENA's Energy Shift Support to Enhance Climate Activity

Nov 18, 2021 02:32 PM ET

Insight to Effect

IRENA is the lead intergovernmental agency working with power transition through renewables. Renewables uses a cutting-edge, sustainable and also affordable remedy to minimize greenhouse gas emissions at scale in the direction of fulfilling the goals of the Paris Agreement. IRENA's duty is critical in supporting nations to improve as well as implement their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and also to meet climate promises.

IRENA has actually been involving with 72 Parties of the 2015 Paris Agreement to sustain their initiatives to boost their climate promises and also apply the existing climate activity strategy with the power change. This interaction covers a total population of around 1.8 billion people with a carbon footprint of 3.2 billion tonnes of co2 matching.

This report highlights the work done by the Agency throughout the NDCs review procedure, the support used with its various work packages as well as facilitating Parties and countries with task growths, financing and investment. The Annex checklists sustain and also NDC dedications for individual countries.

Distribution of IRENA's Work packages


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