Iraq to award 700MW of solar tenders, primary step in 10GW by 2030 plan

Feb 22, 2021 01:44 PM ET
  • Iraq is intending to create 7 PV plants with a combined capacity of 700MW and get to 10GW of set up solar by 2030, the country's oil ministry said in a declaration.
Iraq to award 700MW of solar tenders, primary step in 10GW by 2030 plan
Image: IRENA

The biggest of the recommended installations will certainly have a capability of 300MW and also be situated in Kerbala province, while the others will certainly be released across the nation.

The declaration claimed the ministry remains in examinations with international companies including Complete along with "Norwegian companies" to discuss the construction of the projects.

It was also announced the nation is going for 20% of its power generation by 2030 to be from solar, in a move to lower pressure on its hydrocarbon-powered power plants.

According to the Regional Center for Renewable Energy and also Power Efficiency (RCREEE), an organisation that advocates for tidy power in Arab countries, Iraq is aiming to have 2.24 GW of electrical power generation from renewables by 2025.

RCREEE introduced in 2019 a cooperation with the United Nations Development Programme to sustain Iraq's renewable energy efforts as well as remove barriers to direct economic sector engagement in the country's solar industry.

According to RCREEE, solar PV "is taken into consideration one of the most suitable solution to ensure grid protection and also stability as well as to get rid of power difficulties in Iraq".