Installation as well as growth firms drive United States solar job creation, claims IREC

Jul 27, 2022 05:17 PM ET
  • Installation and project growth companies drove job development in the United States solar field last year as the market utilized 255,037 workers, a 9.2% rise on 2020, a report has revealed.
Installation as well as growth firms drive United States solar job creation, claims IREC
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The nation's solar market added 21,563 jobs in 2021, with more than two-thirds of these at installation and also growth firms, according to the annual National Solar Jobs Census, published today by non-profit organisation the Interstate Renewable resource Council (IREC).

Installation and also growth comprised two-thirds of overall United States solar employment last year, followed by production (13%), wholesale profession and circulation (11%), procedures and also upkeep (5%), and also others (5%).

Larry Sherwood, CEO at IREC, stated that while the future remains uncertain taking into account supply chain disturbances, trade problems as well as stalled government plan, "there is capacity for unprecedented job development in the coming years if government, state, and local leaders act to expand clean energy use and also address climate change".

Sector 2021 employment 2020 employment Jobs added Percentage growth
Installation and project development 168,960 154,610 14,350 9.3%
Manufacturing 33,099 31,050 2,049 6.6%
Wholesale trade and distribution 28,978 25,663 3,315 12.9%
Operations and maintenance 12,530 10,077 2,453 24.3%
All others 11,471 10,073 1,398 13.9%
Total 255,037 233,474 21,563 9.2%

At the state level, California remains to lead in the total number of solar jobs, with 75,712 in 2021, complied with by Florida (11,761), Massachusetts (10,548), New York (10,524) and also Texas (10,346).

Despite the development, IREC disclosed that 89% of companies evaluated last year reported trouble discovering qualified applicants, including 35% that claimed it was 'very challenging' and 54% reporting it was 'rather tough'.

When requested for the most substantial reasons for trouble hiring, half of solar companies noted competitors as well as a small applicant pool, while 30% mentioned lack of experience, training or technological skills.

The market segment with the highest level of trouble was installation, where 39% of companies claimed finding certified applicants was 'very challenging'.

The report said the United States solar industry still has even more work to do to satisfy diversity, equity and also incorporation goals, as fewer than one-third of solar firms reported approaches to boost female, ethnic or racial minority, or LGBTQ+ hires.

Women comprised just under 30% of solar staff members in 2021, well below the 47% of women in the US workforce, according to IREC.

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