Ingeteam reveals 7.65-MW inverter power station on skid

Jun 29, 2022 05:27 PM ET
  • Ingeteam introduced it has started making the new INGECON SUN FSK power plant for PV plants and storage systems. The company says it's an optimal solution for large projects as a result of its high power rating, which can rise to 7.65-MW output power at medium voltage.
Ingeteam reveals 7.65-MW inverter power station on skid

This new style was created to make installment and also connection operate in the field as very easy as possible, supplied as a complete remedy with all the components placed on a single full skid or steel platform as well as pre-connected at the manufacturing facility. On top of that, this solution can be carried both by land as well as by sea, as it can be placed directly on the trailer of a truck or inside a 40-ft container.

This solution can incorporate a couple of 1,500-VDC inverters, allowing Ingeteam to adapt to various project arrangements as well as sizes.

In addition to the inverters, this power plant also includes the LV/MV power transformer, the transformer oil storage tank, medium voltage switchgear and supplementary solutions, hence enhancing the use of readily available space.

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