Ilmatar proposes 40-MWp solar project in southwestern Finland

Mar 13, 2023 09:08 AM ET
  • Ilmatar Energy Ltd means to develop a solar park of roughly 40 MWp in Finland's South Ostrobothnia area, the renewable energy plants programmer and operator claimed on Thursday.
Ilmatar proposes 40-MWp solar project in southwestern Finland
Image: Eleleleven

Ilmatar is working on the scheme along with the city of Ahtari and local landowners.

The solar (PV) farm is intended to be set up in the Murtolammi area, within a site mainly made use of for forestry purposes. Its yearly result is expected to be adequate to cover the power needs of about 2,000 separated houses and balance out approximately 2,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. Power generation is most likely to begin in 2024.

The project is still in the allowing phases, Ilmatar said, adding that its application is anticipated to be assessed on March 28. The programmer is presently holding talks with potential service providers to take on the plant's construction.

Last month, Ilmatar unveiled plans to build a 40-MWp solar park in Pöytyä district, the Southwest Finland region. Completion could take place in 2024.

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