IIT-M creates new tech of hydrogen production from saltwater

Jan 17, 2020 02:46 PM ET
  • A research team from India’s IIT-M has created an innovative method of climate-safe hydrogen generation from saline water.

The new technology allows producing hydrogen when necessary at the required location. This means it does not require storage, which eliminates such issues as hydrogen inflammability and explosiveness. 

Hydrogen is a promising energy source. In contrast to conventional fossil fuel, hydrogen combustion doesn’t release CO2. Taking into account global carbon footprint, the scientists are thinking of powering vehicles by hydrogen produced from seawater. 

Rate of H production is adjustable and suitable for any scale. It does not require electricity, heat or light. The raw materials used are environmentally safe. 

The invention can be potentially used in different kinds of transportation, including aircraft. Currently, the developers are designing an appropriate hydrogen-based system for transport facilities.

The solution allows generating H from any water source. Since over 60% of the globe is covered with salt water, the idea is utilizing the World ocean waters. The system operates by pressing a button, pouring water from one section to another.

Unlike the traditionally used way of H production, requiring pressure of almost 25b and temp of around 1,000°C, the innovative method can work at 1b pressure and indoor temp.