IIT Guwahati Working With Cost-efficient Solar-run H2 generators

Oct 26, 2021 11:11 AM ET
  • IIT-G researchers are developing unique materials that can make use of sunlight to split water into hydrogen and also oxygen.
  • " These materials are much cheaper than the 'noble metals' presently used and also might lead to cost-effective solar-powered hydrogen generators", mentioned the institute.

Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati (IIT) scientists are developing cost-efficient materials to create energy-rich hydrogen from water using sunlight causing cost-effective solar-powered hydrogen generators.

Pursuant of worldwide initiatives in developing clean as well as renewable resource, the IIT-G researchers are creating unique materials that can use sunlight to split water right into hydrogen as well as oxygen, claimed a release from the Institute on Monday.

" These materials are more affordable than the 'noble metals' currently utilized as well as can bring about cost-effective solar-powered hydrogen generators", stated the launch.

On the location of research study for the team from the Department of Chemistry at IIT Guwahati led by Dr Mohammad Qureshi, it stated besides the generally known 'solar cells' converting light straight right into electric energy, there is another sort of sunlight-powered power conversion system called 'Image Electro Chemical' (PEC) that straight produce gas in mix of electrical power.

PEC cells use solar energy to split basic as well as secure compounds such as water right into hydrogen and also oxygen, hydrogen being a high-energy gas that can be kept as well as made use of as needed, the launch claimed.

" These cells are therefore considered the 'Holy Grail' to a carbon-free hydrogen economic climate", it added. The IIT-G study team has actually reported their recent searchings for in the prominent peer-reviewed Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters of the American Chemical Society. The paper has been co-authored by Prof Mohammad Qureshi as well as Suhaib Alam.

Elaborating the importance of this research, Dr Qureshi, Professor in Department of Chemistry, IIT Guwahati, claimed, "regardless of the assurance, PEC cells are not yet an useful option to the power dilemma because of the clinical bottlenecks such as the slowness of the water-oxidation process. Stimulants are used to trigger the water-splitting procedure however these catalysts are costly steels such as platinum, iridium and ruthenium, among others, which render the cells not practical."

The group at IIT Guwahati has established non-noble metal drivers that are just as good as the expensive steels in splitting water in PEC cells, said Dr Qureshi.

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