Ibereolica seeks approval for 500MW job in Chile

Feb 5, 2020 03:44 PM ET
  • Spanish renewables business Ibereolica Renovables has actually submitted an environmental effect statement for its 500MW Antofogasta Job in Chile.
Ibereolica seeks approval for 500MW job in Chile
Image: Flickr, Danielle Perreira

The company desires approval to construct and operate 2 identical 250MWac plants, a 33/220kV substation and 220kV aerial transmission line in the Antofagasta region to the country's north.

The firm estimates that the job will require US$ 532 million in financial investment.

The Chilean government's environmental evaluation service is yet to react to request, which was submitted online on 22 January by the Madrid-headquartered firm.

The task will be integrated in the same region as Ibereolica's 500MWac Maria Elena solar task, which has actually received its ecological permit according to the company site, and the 225MW Loa task (noted as "in development").

If approved, the 500MW venture will add to a growing fleet of utility-scale PV plants benefiting from Chile's favourable irradiation levels.

Set up eco-friendly capability in Chile grew from 5.08 GW in 2018 to 5.9 GW in 2019, according to green astral body ACERA.

Clean energy covered 19.4% of the Latin American nation's electrical power generation in 2015, bringing the 20%-by-2025 federal government target within simple reach in 2020.

Ibereolica Renovables has 100MW of solar in operation and an additional 50MW in advancement in Spain. It is also establishing an 835MW job prepared for the Bahia area of Brazil.

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