Iberdrola to build Spain's very first wind, solar hybrid

Apr 17, 2023 02:39 PM ET
  • Company creating two PV plants alongside 69MW project
Iberdrola to build Spain's very first wind, solar hybrid
Image: Iberdrola

Iberdrola is building what it states is the first hybrid wind as well as solar complex in Spain, in the province of Burgos.

The company is creating 2 photovoltaic or pv (PV) plants of 41MW and also 33MW respectively, which will have greater than 170,000 modules and will be situated in the Burgos districts of Revilla Vallejera, Villamedianilla and Vallejera.

They will enable the hybridisation of the existing 69MW BaCa - Ballestas as well as Casetona - wind ranch.

The initiative will add to the advancement of neighborhood economy in Castille as well as León with peak building and construction including 360 jobs.

The company has alloted more than EUR40m to the construction of the project.

Wind and also solar hybridisation makes it possible to optimize using the grid while reducing the ecological impact of the projects.

Iberdrola will purchase this technology over the coming years in Spain, with which it aims to boost its renewable resources and also maximize existing places.

The unification of solar modules will certainly boost the performance of existing wind facilities, Iberdrola claimed.

It will certainly contribute clean, affordable and competitive energy to the power system by assuring the maximum supply of green power originally authorised for each and every project, for as long as possible.

By having two modern technologies capable of rotating, dependancy on altering environmental conditions and also restrictions because of possible lack of resources such as wind or sunshine is considerably reduced, assisting in more stable as well as reliable sustainable manufacturing.

The hybrid generation plants use the exact same grid connection point and share infrastructures, such as the substation as well as the discharge line for the electrical energy produced.

On top of that, they lie on land that was currently made use of for renewable generation and also enable common roads and also facilities for the procedure of both technologies.

All of this results in a much lower environmental impact than would certainly have held true with two independent plants, Iberdrola claimed.



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