Iberdrola launches a huge energy storage system in Spain

Nov 28, 2019 02:47 PM ET
  • The solution was developed by i-DE, a power distribution unit of the Spanish utility giant. The 3-megawatt-hour battery is meant to strengthen electricity supply in the area, taking into consideration the surrounding solar arrays.
Iberdrola launches a huge energy storage system in Spain
Image: Elentir/Flickr

i-DE is an electricity distribution arm of Iberdrola, a Bilbao-based electric utility company and one of the world’s leading renewables operators. The distribution company has launched a 2mil-euro-worth Li-ion storage battery for local power grids. The storage system’s capacity is 3 megawatt-hours.

The venture was aimed at maximizing the energy supply quality and well as smoothing the loads from neighboring solar farms. The installation is located in the southeast of Spain, close to the city of Murcia. The batt is suitable for remote operation; in case of necessity, it is capable of powering the neighboring districts during a five-hour period.

The location for the new storage facility was chosen due to frequent weather incidents interrupting the electricity distribution. The district is rather isolated, the communities are scattered throughout the area. In case of interrupted power distribution, a few population centers remain unpowered. 

The solution will eliminate the necessary to install 22-kilometer-long electric lines through the areas of environmental protection. The huge battery is expected to stabilize the voltage surges during peak hours at the local solar power stations. 

The developer claims the battery’s smart system is able to select the grid sections for operation. The selection is based on such factors as power consumption, the batt charge level, and the output of neighboring solar stations.

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