Ib Vogt and Aura Power Start Building 27MWp Solar Project in Portugal

Feb 15, 2023 11:19 AM ET
  • Aura Power and Ib Vogt are constructing a 27MWp solar farm near Leiria, Portugal. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023, providing clean energy to over 13,500 homes.
Ib Vogt and Aura Power Start Building 27MWp Solar Project in Portugal
Image: Ib Vogt

What happened?

Aura Power and Ib Vogt are partnering to build a 27MWp solar project in Leiria, Portugal, marking the first utility-scale PV farm in Portugal developed and constructed organically by a British company. The project was awarded the grid connection in the 2019 solar power auctions, and the construction is set to begin in mid-February by EDP Comercial. Ib Vogt will start the solar farm's construction in May, with the project expected to complete in Q4 2023. The solar farm is located 120km north of Lisbon, near the city of Leiria, and is adjacent to the EREDES Azoia substation, which it will connect to directly at a voltage level of 60KV. With an energy generation of 44GWh per year, the farm will provide clean electricity to over 13,500 homes and reduce over 9,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

Why does it matter?

The project's construction will mark an essential step towards Portugal's target to produce 80% of its electricity from clean energy by 2026. Portugal's solar energy auctions play a significant role in promoting clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The project will bring benefits to the local economy, including job creation and an increase in the number of businesses that support the renewable energy sector. The development of solar projects will promote sustainable energy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and mitigate climate change.

What's next?

Aura Power is working on over 20GW of solar and battery energy storage projects across Europe and North America. Aura Power's chief operating officer, Ben Moore, expressed pride in their contribution to Portugal's commendable 2026 and 2050 net-zero targets. Aura Power and Ib Vogt's partnership signifies the increasing demand for sustainable energy globally. The construction of the Leiria solar project will lead to a significant increase in Portugal's solar capacity, boosting the country's clean energy production. The future of the solar industry is promising, and investments in the sector are expected to continue. The development of innovative technology and government support will pave the way for a sustainable future with clean energy.

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