Hydrogen to go

Sep 8, 2020 12:21 PM ET
  • Germany-based Wystrach has actually developed a solution to mount hydrogen refueling stations wherever they are needed. The 350-bar hydrogen solution is likewise ideal for heavy-duty vehicles.
Hydrogen to go
Image: Wystrach

Wystrach-- a German supplier of compressed gas cylinder packages, gas storage space systems, gas containers and transportation pallets-- has actually introduced WyRefueler, a mobile hydrogen refueling station solution.

The. new tech appropriates for a range of applications. It includes two elements: the storage tank and also the gas station container, a firm spokesperson informed pv magazine. They are constructed as swap bodies and also can be transported independently. The 350-bar hydrogen refueling solution is not appropriate for autos, but is ideal for heavy-duty vehicles such as buses, trains, trucks, building equipment, and transport vehicles at ports as well as flight terminals.

"The system is established or taken down within a day and also only calls for a 63A connection," stated Wolfgang Wolter, managing director of technology and also sales for Wystrach.

The fundamental variant consists of a 20-foot storage tank container, 313 kilograms of valuable hydrogen quantity, 88 kilos of barrier storage, as well as a refuelable amount of 180 kgs of hydrogen daily. The WyRefueler is additionally furnished with a smart control system.

"The system can be modified according to customer requirements, for instance with a larger storage tank container volume, a more powerful compressor or additional cooling," stated Wolter.

The filling station container can remain representing longer, while the storage tank container has to be refilled with hydrogen or replaced when it is empty. Where the hydrogen inevitably comes from and also whether it is environment-friendly is in the hands of the operator, the firm spokesperson included.

The system is "purposely made to be versatile" and can be configured in numerous means, which is why the spokesperson did not want to name a level price for the mobile terminal service, which is put together separately for every consumer. Wystrach likewise supplies a detailed service and seeking advice from plan, along with training for the independent operation of the systems, she included. The station is monitored all the time using remote.

The remedy has actually been successfully evaluated in the Netherlands, the business declares. Transportation company Breytner has likewise examined the Wyfueler for a number of weeks.

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