Hungary's power grid can not fit any more solar capacity

Oct 20, 2022 01:03 PM ET
  • Up until Hungary gets access to European funds for grid upgrades, any type of brand-new solar power plants and also small roof systems can only be utilized for own intake. The domestic PV sector is requiring exemptions for locations where the network can absorb more capacity.
Hungary's power grid can not fit any more solar capacity
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The procedure to set up solar power panels for own consumption for households in Hungary will be streamlined, but they won't have the ability to obtain a connection to the grid for the time being. With the choice, the federal government in Budapest made a U-turn in its policy in the sector as until now it was advertising the deployment of the modern technology as well as the principle of prosumers.

The rule so far in Hungary was that small qualified solar systems would provide excess power to the grid and the proprietor would certainly get settlement for a net excess. In case the family members consumes more than it generates, its bill is lowered through a balance negotiation system.

Rule adjustment makes it meaningless for households to mount solar panels

If there is no grid connection, it is meaningless for households to set up such facilities, according to the Hungarian Solar Panel Association (MNNSZ). Electrical energy is typically created when people aren't home as well as is squandered, the organization emphasized. It pointed out batteries are insufficient and that they include substantial costs.

The choice will damage the solar industry as well as harm the nationwide economic situation, MNNSZ said and also asked for exceptions for areas where the grid still has available capacity for household photovoltaic or pv systems.

Families are now unable to switch over to renewable heating

The government described that it is waiting to get access to funds from the National Recovery and also Resilience Plan as the European Union blocked the transfer as a result of its conflict with Hungary concerning the rule of legislation in the nation. Projects would after that be launched, financed by cheap financings from the plan, to update and also enhance the power network, but now it can not integrate any more solar power that have not gotten permits, officials stated.

The turnaround is particularly difficult for individuals who wish to set up solar panels to power heat pumps for heating, MNNSZ cautioned and also noted that Hungary needs to reduce its reliance on gas.

Not a single grid connection has actually been approved since last year for non-household photovoltaics while in the last numerous years services could just set up such facilities for own consumption, the association kept in mind.

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