Huawei To Provide 1 GW Solar plus 500 MW ESS Solution In Ghana For Meinergy

Mar 8, 2022 01:14 PM ET
  • Huawei Digital Power Technologies Co., Ltd. (Huawei Digital Power) has actually signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Meinergy Technology Co., Ltd (Meinergy), the leading PV designer in West Africa.

The agreement will see Huawei Digital Power provide a total wise PV & energy storage system (ESS) solution for the 1 GW utility-scale PV plant as well as 500 MWh ESS project being created by Meinergy in Ghana. The firms have actually been working very closely throughout markets in Africa to deliver their renewable energy solutions.

Wu Guangwen (CEO-- Meinergy), Zhou Wei (Managing Director-- Huawei Ghana Representative Office), and also Fang Liangzhou (Vice President and also Chief Marketing Officer-- Huawei Digital Power), participated in the finalizing ceremony.

To meet the increasing demand for power, diversify energy mix, and also accelerate economic growth, the government of Ghana has set its critical objective for renewable resource: Increase the proportion of renewable energy in the energy mix to 10%, promote green energy, as well as make power accessible nationwide by 2030.

Meinergy has actually remained in Ghana for many years, and also its organization covers mining, electric power, and PV sectors. Meinergy has expanded its renewable energy organization in Ghana as well as various other countries in Africa to include green power to the mix in meeting the energy accessibility.

Both firms have actually been working very closely in utility-scale PV plants, combination of PV and also hydropower, energy storage, and also household PV in Ghana. Both celebrations anticipate to better work together in PV & ESS plant growth, data centers, eLTE, and also public cloud to build a greener Africa.

In Ghana, as in a lot of Africa, also as demand for renewable resource is going up, there is a serious shortage of personnel experienced in the sector. That has actually implied slower offtake and project implementation too, a gap that dominant Chinese firms have actually been pressing to fill.

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