Honeywell Debuts Flow Battery For Formal Testing, 12 Hrs Power Discharge Promised

Oct 27, 2021 03:37 PM ET
  • US-based multinational Honeywell has revealed the growth of a new flow battery for supplying long duration power of up to 12 hrs. The company claims the technology will be first checked by United States energy major Duke Energy in a 400kWh system configuration in 2022, prior to being scaled upto a 60MWh pilot project by 2023.

The brand-new flow battery technology can work with sustainable generation to fulfill the need for nonstop lasting energy with storage space. The company claims that the battery makes use of a secure, non-flammable electrolyte that converts chemical energy to electrical power to save energy for later usage while satisfying the ecological, long life as well as safety purposes of energies.

The entrance of a huge firm like Honeywell with storage space services augurs well for sustainable generators, as need for renewable energy increases together with trustworthy supply. If it delivers on the pledge of storage space and also discharge electrical power for as much as 12 hrs, it will much better the performance of lithium-ion batteries, which can only discharge up to 4 hrs, besides producing serious resources sourcing concerns. Honeywell has actually also declared that the battery is developed with recyclable parts and also does not degrade gradually, making it a greener option too.

Duke Energy plans to examine the flow battery at its Emerging Technology and also Innovation Center in Mount Holly, N.C. Honeywell will supply a 400 kWh system to Duke Energy's center in 2022. If the battery is deployed at range, it will reduce the use of Duke Energy's fossil-fuel power plants by making use of solar and also wind. Honeywell intends to release a utility-scale pilot project of 60 MWh starting in 2023.

" Duke Energy has followed flow battery technology for a number of years and also wants the improvements Honeywell is going after," stated Tom Fenimore, supervisor, Smart Grid Emerging Technology and Procedures. "Our Surfacing Technology and also Innovation Center is a perfect research center to examine this technology. Over the next five years, Duke Energy prepares to set up nearly 400 megawatts of battery storage space ability in our solution territory. We have an eager passion in advancement technologies."

The Honeywell flow battery can also be combined with Honeywell's unified system for procedure, business and also property management, Experion PKS, as well as its venture efficiency management option, Honeywell Forge, for remote monitoring.

For Honeywell, besides storage, an essential area to work with is Hydrogen. The firm is dealing with methods to decarbonize property, industrial and also commercial energy by changing natural gas with hydrogen, which ultimately can be created by electrolyzing water using eco-friendly power.

Big developments in flow batteries have been awaited for time, and also numerous companies have been working with them, with a focus on driving down prices to a competitive degree vis a vis lithium ion batteries. The Honeywell announcement need to be among the earliest ones, and also followed by many more in the coming months we recognize.

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