Homeowners in Serbian city of Niš install solar power plant on their three buildings

Apr 18, 2023 03:41 PM ET
  • A homeowner community in three apartment buildings in Niš has installed roof photovoltaic or pv panels. The center in Serbia's third-largest city is producing sufficient power to cover the usage in joint installments like staircase lighting. The instance shows that, after individual households, the prosumer version and also the manufacturing of green energy for very own intake is starting to be used in multiapartment buildings as well in the country.
Homeowners in Serbian city of Niš install solar power plant on their three buildings
Image: CORE

The homeowner organization in Niš is officially the second in Serbia to obtain the prosumer status (the legal definition is buyer-producer). However the very first center, on the roofing of a multidwelling building in the city of Pančevo, was in fact set up by simply one homeowner. On the other hand, the new solar power plant, on 3 buildings, is a joint financial investment of 134 houses with around 400 people and also it is creating electrical energy that everybody utilizes.

A homeowner community in an average building can return its investment in solar power panels for usage in joint setups in nine to 11 years

Solar panels of 74.5 kW in total and three 22 kW chargers for electric vehicles with four slots each in the Magdon residential complex in Niš in southern Serbia were mounted as part of a project that the Sustainable Energy Development Center (Centar za održivi razvoj energetike-- CORE) carried out with the homeowner association and Eneca, which had a mentoring role. It is a civic organization for sustainable local development, based in the very same city.

Almost half of project expenses were covered with grant

The investment was worth nearly USD 94,000, of which USD 40,000 was a grant acquired via the project Just Green Transition as well as Decarbonisation in Serbia, which is funded by the Federal government of Japan as well as carried out by the United Nations Development Programme-- UNDP Serbia together with the nation's ministries of mining as well as energy as well as environmental protection, CORE claimed.

Boban Starinac, the head of the regional nongovernmental organization, told Balkan Green Energy News that the homeowners would certainly return the investment in four to five years while that without the grant and also battery chargers the period would certainly extend to as long as seven or 8 years. He mentioned that the consumption in joint installations in the three buildings is higher than average and also included that the moment to return the financial investment depends on consumption levels.

According to computations, the setup of solar power panels on an average multiapartment building for the manufacturing of power for joint setups can pay off in nine to 11 years without any grants or subsidies. Solar systems last 25 years.

Example for various other homeowner associations

The project is significant as an instance for other homeowner communities, CORE stated. The chargers were an innovative part of the project, it stressed and also noted that the suggested changes to the Regulation on Planning and Construction stipulate that every new building would have to have electric car chargers mounted.

The roof solar power plant is made to create 73 MWh per year for staircase lighting, lifts as well as various other jointly-used installments. Considered that the power is eaten where it is produced, the center will certainly conserve 11 MWh each year which would otherwise be lost with cord heating, according to CORE. The photovoltaic or pv system ought to conserve an estimated 71.4 tons of greenhouse gas discharges, it added.

The project included the training of 2 maintenance workers and keeping an eye on operators-- discovering qualified workers could have or else been a problem, due to the fact that the demand for people with such abilities is growing, not only in Serbia and also its region, however throughout Europe also.

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