Homeowner dominate power storage market in Germany: Study

Mar 23, 2022 01:32 PM ET
  • The study finds that Home Storage Systems (HSS) make up 93% of Germany's storage market et cetera 7% is dispersed among industrial as well as large scale sectors.
  • An overwhelming number of brand-new storage installations in 2021 were of lithium-ion.

The battery storage market in Germany is dominated by the residential or 'house' sector as well as its far above the commercial-industrial or large scale segments. This is the finding of a recent report called 'The growth of battery storage systems in Germany-- A market evaluation (status 2022).'.

The report is led by the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA) and also various other organizations connected with RWTH Aachen University, Germany. The researchers locate that 1,357 MWh of brand-new storage capacity was installed in 2021 and also the Home Storage Systems (HSS) make 93% of it. The remainder 7% make up commercial and also large scale storage sectors. The results are absolutely an anomaly, when one takes into consideration the way the storage market is evolving now, with large batteries progressively being viewed as an option to balance a high share of renewables in the grid.

The report has actually specified the Home Storage Systems as those that come under 30kWh. According to this meaning, Germany has regarding 430,000 installations by the end 2021. Of this, about 145,000 were mounted last year just. This data likewise matches with the research done by Energie Consulting. The report does not specify if a proportion of these installations are off grid or otherwise.

The commercial and large scale storage installations were no match to HSS. As per the study, only 27MW/57MWh of 30kWh-1MWh commercial storage systems (ISS) mounted in 2021. The performance of 1MWh-plus large-scale storage (LSS) is located to be grimmer. New LSS installations were 36MW/32MWh.

The report claims that HSS installations in Germany have actually been expanding because 2013. Yet its development price is lower than that of commercial storage.

The most drastic decline is observed in large scale storage. It had reached its optimal in 2018 with 288MWh installations but handed over sharply in 2021, the brand-new large scale storage installations were about a tenth just. The dimension of installations also fell drastically from 11.5 MWh to simply 2.9 MWh.

The scientists located some significant factors behind the decline in large scale storage installations in Germany. They claim that a saturation of the regularity control get market (FCR) is essential impediment; large scale storage systems were mainly constructed in the duration of 2016-- 2019. After that dual charging for storage assets-- both drawing and dispatching power with the grid system-- additionally hindered the section's growth. BVES too discovered in its survey that regulatory issues burdened storage asset operators in Germany.

The study claims that overwhelming numbers of brand-new property as well as industrial installations in 2021 in Germany were of lithium-ion. All large scale installations in 2021 were of lithium ion.

The report states that the web outcome of all the discussed obstacles is that at the end of 2021, 4,406 MWh power storage systems were mounted in Germany. Home storage systems represent 79%, large scale storage is 17% as well as industrial storage systems is remaining 4%.

The report likewise holds that new opportunities for grid scale systems are opening up in the storage market, combined with renewables.

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