Home solar batteries in Hawaii to provide capability, grid solutions through 80MW virtual power plant

Jan 18, 2021 02:17 PM ET
  • Solar-plus-storage systems at consumers' homes in Hawaii will certainly create a "thorough" virtual power plant (VPP) network on three Hawaiian islands of as much as 6,000 specific systems.
Home solar batteries in Hawaii to provide capability, grid solutions through 80MW virtual power plant
Image: Hawaiian Electric Companies

Swell Energy, a California-headquartered supplier of dispersed power storage space systems for household usage and pairing with solar photovoltaics (PV), stated that it is gotten with the United States island state's main power energy, Hawaiian Electric, to perform the project, which would certainly pair greater than 25MW of solar generation with 80MW of battery storage systems.

The state's regulatory authority, the Hawaiian Public Utilities Commission (PUC), has actually authorized the agreement, Swell Energy said today. In an offer worth US$ 25 million, systems mounted by Swell Energy will give ability to the neighborhood network when needed along with execute grid services such as frequency action on the islands of Oahu, Maui and Hawaii.

The batteries will certainly help absorb excess renewable resource generation on the local power network, minimize peak need and also supply fast frequency response - which assists to 'balance' the grid and keep it functioning efficiently also when huge quantities of periodic sustainable generation are being injected into it - 24 hours a day. The solar-plus-storage systems will "dynamically" respond jointly to the requirements of the grid, Swell Energy claimed.

Swell Energy described the commercial offering as a step past the many VPP pilot projects that have actually been seen in the United States and in other places via utilities, and also although it is reasonable to say that certainly the majority are still pilots, the Swell Energy-Hawaiian Electric bargain is not the only one of its kind. To provide simply two other instances, the state of South Australia's VPP program has been up and running for a long time while in the US, household solar instal as well as leasing company Sunrun was recently awarded a 5MW agreement by utility Southern California Edison to pool the abilities of linked behind-the-meter (BTM) household batteries.

"Our islands have tiny, stand-alone grids with a top-level sustainable generation, which makes them conscious supply and demand discrepancies. This project is a vital chance for Hawaiian Electric and Swell Energy to create an innovative profile of customer-sited sources that fulfill a selection of grid requirements, while offering additional options and also advantages for our customers," Hawaiian Electric consumer energy resources co-director Yoh Kawanami stated.

Hawaii is the US state with one of the most residential rooftop solar generation set up per head of population and also is marking comparable fads in battery storage space. The state's renewable energy assimilation efforts are additionally reaching large-scale front-of-the-meter (FTM) solar-plus-storage as well as standalone energy storage centers: HECO last year tendered for 460MW of solar as well as around 3GWh of battery storage space, while another utility carrier Kaua'i Island Utility Cooperative (KIUC) has really recently announced a solar-powered pumped hydroelectric project to be under advancement that would take Kaua'i island to more than 80% renewable resource when completed.

Swell Energy on the other hand stated a couple of weeks ago that it is seeking about US$ 450 million in financing for a number of virtual nuclear power plant projects that it remains in conversations with energies and also various other power vendors in the US about. At the time, in mid-December, Swell Energy claimed it had a pipe of four VPP projects in 3 US states, accumulating 100MW of solar PV with 200MWh of battery ability that could be completed by mid-2023.

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