Heliogen is likely to cope with carbon emission problem

Nov 20, 2019 04:26 PM ET
  • The advanced technology developed by the startup funded by Bill Gates is aimed at minimization of gas emissions from heavy industries.
Heliogen is likely to cope with carbon emission problem
Image: cnet.com

The world has faced a crucial problem: the increasing population requires new dwellings, which in turn requires construction materials. Production of the latter pollutes the environment with huge amounts of carbon emitted. According to Heliogen, the issue can be solved through combination of green energy and AI. 

The US startup has developed a ground-breaking technology. The created facility concentrates sunlight with the help of special software and array of mirrors. As a result, the solar energy temperature rises up to 1,000°C, which is nearly twice as high as the figure achieved by any other commercial company. 

This means production of cement, steel and petrochemical building materials can utilize renewable energy sources instead of natural gas and fossil fuels commonly used. 

Nowadays, about 20% of all hazardous emissions are produced by industrial activities like those applied for manufacture of steel and cement. Modern world is unimaginable without such materials, so the humanity is in desperate need of innovative cost-effective zero-carbon technologies. 

The solution proposed is based on application of a huge digitally operated network of mirrors, which directs the concentrated sun radiation to a target object. The developer hopes to achieve index as high as 1,500°C in future, which will allow producing totally clean hydrogen. 

The sum of money invested in the development by Bill Gates is kept secret. Neither the Gates’ foundation nor the startup provided any comments.

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