Harnessing Solar Power for RV Travel: The Benefits of Solar Panels

Jan 8, 2024 05:49 PM ET

Renewable energy from the sun is a source that can be used to power almost any object. It is only necessary to install solar systems with the appropriate power level. Such designs are currently presented in a wide range, which allows you to find a better solution not only for the home but also for vans intended for travel.

Solar-powered RV can be called a serious step towards energy independence on the road, as well as an ecological technology, that reduces the impact on the environment. However, these are far from all the advantages of using systems. We offer to learn in more detail what RV solar power is and to understand why vehicle owners are increasingly choosing this power source.

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What Are the Components of an RV Solar System?

Constructions designed for RVs are almost no different from traditional systems for homes and offices. They have similar structures and characteristics. The standard kit offered by modern solar companies includes several elements.

Solar Panels

This is the main component of the solar van for road trips, which ensures the conversion of radiation into electricity. The generated current is used to charge batteries that supply power to devices when needed. To fully provide the van with electricity, you need to correctly calculate the number of solar panels and determine the required power level.

Help in solving this task is usually provided by experienced solar company consultants. According to Market Watch, on average, 8 solar panels with a capacity of 100 W are needed to provide 715 W of power (the approximate daily energy consumption). However, these figures may vary. It all depends on the volume of consumption, the duration of the trip, and the features of the motorhome.


This is a device without which it is also impossible to imagine solar power for motorhomes. Its main function is the stabilization of electric current. The inverter converts the direct current from the batteries into an alternating voltage that can already be used by end consumers. Kits can include elements of various types. To make the right choice, you need to determine the approximate volume of electricity consumption and the intensity of the use of electrical appliances.


Accumulator Batteries

The standard set of solar power RV also includes batteries that are used to store electricity. In most cases, several such elements are installed in the vehicle at once. This is due to the high need for electricity consumption and the need to store sufficiently large amounts of energy.

Most often, standard batteries with a capacity of 12 V are used for this. Experts recommend maintaining an optimal balance between the production of solar energy and its accumulation. A ratio of 1 to 1 (ampere-hours to watts) may be the best option.

In the process of choosing the number of necessary solar batteries, it is essential to take into account the individual need. One battery will be enough to power the basic functions of RVs. If you want maximum comfort during your trip, then you should consider sets with more than 2 elements.

All of the above elements together create the basic configuration of a solar power RV. In addition to them, owners can add other functions to the system if they wish. For example, you can connect a control panel that allows you to monitor the operation of batteries.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Solar Power RV?

Solar power sources are a profitable alternative to traditional generators, which can create a lot of problems on the road. One of the main advantages is environmental friendliness. By using solar power for campers, owners reduce the level of harmful emissions.

This is due to the complete absence of caustic gases during the functioning of the systems. We are talking about nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, and other substances that are formed during the operation of the internal combustion engine. In this way, solar power RV drivers make a significant contribution to preserving the environment and improving air quality. In addition, the installation of green technologies provides several other benefits.

Use of Energy From a Renewable Source

Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource. This means that the amount of radiation does not decrease when the level of consumption increases. It can be accessed throughout the day without any restrictions. Thanks to this, uninterrupted functioning of the system and accumulation of the required amount of electricity is ensured.

Financial Savings

By using solar generators, you can significantly save money for other travel needs. The benefit is provided by access to a free source of electricity. Using sunlight does not require payment, as in the case of charging a conventional generator, so there is no need to allocate a separate amount from the budget. Only a one-time investment is required for the purchase of solar systems for the RV, which pays off quickly in the process of use.

Access to the Source in Any Area

This is an important factor for those who like to travel often in their RV. During such trips, it is sometimes difficult to find a place that has access to a public network to charge generators. These include remote areas, camping sites, mountainous terrain, and other recreational locations.

In each of them, solar systems can be the best solution, because they do not need to be connected to the grid. The structures are an independent system for power generation and provide uninterrupted power supply to all necessary devices.

No Noise

Ordinary generators in the process of work create loud enough sounds that cause discomfort not only to the owners of the motorhome but also to other people. The problem is especially acute in parking lots and campsites, where many vehicles usually stop.

It can also spoil the impression of viewing beautiful natural landscapes. Solar systems eliminate these problems. They work in silent mode, so they will not become an obstacle to a good rest.

What Devices Are RV Solar Systems Used For?

The field of use of the technology is extremely wide. Solar panels in an RV can be used on the same principle as conventional generators. For example, they can provide power for lighting systems. During the day, the structures accumulate energy, and in the evening they give it to the lanterns. In addition, the power of solar panels is enough to power cooking equipment, air conditioning, and heating systems.


When choosing a solution for powering electrical devices in a motorhome, it is worth considering modern solar panels. They are a much better option than conventional generators as they provide several important benefits. Among them, we can highlight financial savings, reducing the impact on the environment, unhindered access to the energy source in any area, the absence of noise, and the long-term operation of structures.



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