Growatt Wins 22 "EuPD Researcher Top Brand" awards

May 9, 2022 01:01 PM ET
  • " In this era of fierce competition, along with having excellent item quality as a guarantee, we must additionally have a strong brand as a guide and also a strong channel foundation as a support, so that business can acquire a firm foothold in the ever-changing international market," states Growatt.

Leading inverter brand Growatt has won 22 "EuPD Top Brand" Awards, covering a total of 20 countries and also areas. The nations consist of Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Pakistan, Australia, as well as South Africa.

As an authoritative research institution in Europe, EuPD Reacher is known as the "sector wind vane". The "Top Brand PV" award advertised by it is based on popular opinion studies and also scientific evaluation of installers as well as representatives in various photovoltaic or pv markets worldwide, in terms of item dependability, market infiltration, brand understanding, contentment and also other dimensions. A solar production business with superior performance worldwide.

" In this period of strong competition, in addition to having excellent item quality as a guarantee, we have to also have a solid brand as a guide and also a solid channel structure as an assistance, to make sure that enterprises can get a firm footing in the ever-changing international market," states Growatt, including, "It is this type of determination that makes Growatt's every step extremely constant."

Given that its establishment in 2010, Growatt has released an international marketing design, deeply cultivated abroad markets, concentrated on user-side optical storage and also billing full-scenario remedies, and provided consumers with more comprehensive product assistance; attached importance to the realization of consumer value, and also supplied clients with local remedies. Advertising, technological support, warehousing as well as after-sales solution, depending on services and products, have established a good reputation, declares Growatt. "Relying on a thorough abroad design, based upon a great network foundation as well as brand influence, Growatt can constantly confiscate opportunities swiftly," includes the company.

In the future, Growatt aims to take on the objective of a new energy business, continue to give global clients with full-scene clever energy solutions, accelerate the pace of energy integration as well as smart affiliation, advertise the application and also popularization of worldwide clean energy, and jointly construct a green planet.

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