Groundbreaking on Box Canyon: BrightNight-Cordelio Solar Project Soars

Nov 16, 2023 01:56 PM ET
  • BrightNight and Cordelio Power start construction of a massive 300-MW solar farm in Arizona. Box Canyon Solar Project to generate 900,000 MWh of renewable energy annually, powering 77,000 homes and businesses, with USD 134 million in local economic benefits. Operational in 2025, it will expand their joint venture partnership to 2 GW capacity.
Groundbreaking on Box Canyon: BrightNight-Cordelio Solar Project Soars

Renewable power producers BrightNight and Cordelio Power have begun construction works on a 300-MW solar farm project in Arizona. The Box Canyon Solar Project is expected to produce over 900,000 MWh of renewable electricity annually and power 77,000 local homes and businesses. It is estimated to generate USD 134 million in additional local economic benefits during its operation and is set to become operational in the first half of 2025. The start of construction works on the project follows the expansion of the two companies' joint venture partnership earlier this month. The Arizona portfolio is expected to have a capacity of 2 GW when complete.

What Benefits Will the Box Canyon Solar Project Bring?

  • The Box Canyon Solar Project will reduce air pollution, benefitting the health and safety of the local community.
  • The project is expected to create hundreds of jobs, providing an economic boost to local businesses.
  • The project will increase the availability of affordable, renewable energy in the area, helping to reduce energy bills.
  • The project is a part of a larger 2GW portfolio, which will benefit from tax credits and other incentives.
  • The project will help Arizona on its journey to a greener future, as it moves towards its commitment of renewable energy sources accounting for 50% of the state's energy production by 2030.
  • The project is expected to provide an annual benefit to the local wildlife, as it contributes to the conservation of the nearby Box Canyon National Wildlife Refuge.

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